Electrical Installation and Safety Testers
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0061-1111-2FLUKE 1663-SCH 364,452.95PB-FreeRoHSFluke 1663 Multifunction Installation Testers,
Insulation Test (L-N,L-PE,N-PE),Z max Memory
On/Off Switchable Auto-Start for RCD and Looptest
Electrical Safety TesterRCD,Insulation Pre Test,L-N,L-PE,N-PE FLUKE
0184-0001-4SEAWARD-388A915 1110,000.00PV150 Complete Kit, 1000Vdc/15Adc PV Terminals,
include Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter, AC/DC
Current Clamp, SolarCert PC Software, IEC 62446
Solar Installation TesterIrradiance,Voltage,Current,Insulation Resistance SEAWARD
0184-0013-7SEAWARD-396A914 223,000.00Solar Survey 200R, Measure Irradiance 100–1250W/m2
Ambient/PV Temperature, Built-in Data Logger,
Wireless Connect PV150/200/210, 433MHz (ROW)
Solar Installation TesterIrradiance,Temperature,Bearing,Tilt Angle SEAWARD
0184-0019-9SEAWARD-389A915 0170,000.00PB-FreeRoHSPV200 and I-V Curve Tracer Kits, 1000Vdc/15Adc,
include Solar Survey 200R, AC/DC Current Clamp,
SolarCert Software, Support PVMobile Android App
Solar Installation TesterIrradiance,I-V Curve Tracing,Voltage,Current SEAWARD
0762-0032-3EVSE-200 13,817.10PB-FreeRoHSTest Adapter for Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Input MAX 250V-1Phase/430V-3Phase 10A, Function PE
Pre-Test, PP/CP State Simulation, Signal Terminals
Test Adapter for Electric Charging StationPE Pre-Test,Vehicle,Cable and Fault Simulation CEM
0770-0024-9METREL-MI3321 0122,400.00PB-FreeRoHSMultiservicerXA Electrical Safety Tester
Testing of Portable Appliances,Machines,Switchgear
including Functional and Leakage Tests for DUTs
Electrical Safety TesterRCD,Insulation Resistance,Continuity,DischargeTimeMETREL
0770-0080-9METREL-MI3155-EU 1130,645.00PB-FreeEurotestXD Multifunctional Electrical Installation
Tester,Programmable AUTOSEQUENCEs,Power and THD
Line,Loop and RCD,Earth Resistance
Electrical Installation TesterRCD,Insulation Resistance,Continuity,Impedance METREL
1303-0001-3M506A 0238,000.00PB-FreeRoHSProfitest Prime, All-in-One Test Instrument for
Electrical Equipment in AC and DC Systems for
Testing the Effectiveness of Protective Measure
Electrical Safety TesterRCD,Voltage,Insulation,Loop Impedance GOSSEN METRAWAT
1303-0003-7Z525A 050,200.00PB-FreeRoHSPRO TYPE II, Single And 3-Phase Test Adapter with
Type 2 Plug, for Testing Charging Stations with
Test Adapter for Electric Charging StationVehicle,Cable and Fault Simulation,Phase Voltages GOSSEN METRAWAT
1303-0004-9M520P 093,840.00PROFITEST MXTRA,Universal Protective Measures Test
Instrument per EN 61557 Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10.
with Integrated Memory
Electrical Safety TesterRCCB,N-PE Reversal,Trip Time GOSSEN METRAWAT
1303-0008-7PROFITEST H+E-BASE 0121,600.00PB-FreeTester for Electric Charging Station,Large Display
Diagnosis of Vehicle States/Cable Condition/Error
States/PMW Signal Evaluation/Phases/Battery Level
Tester for Electric Charging StationsPhase,Phase Sequence,Charging Current,Frequency GOSSEN METRAWAT